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APA Guide

7th edition


Before you begin... Confirm your instructors want you to follow APA 7th Edition guidelines. With the recent change, your instructors may still be expecting APA 6th Edition. While there are not major differences, there are minor and subtle changes.

We have designed this guide to help you:

  • quickly proof your citations (references and in-text citations) for accuracy or;
  • learn how to cite properly if you are new to APA, and;
  • learn more about why we cite, academic integrity, and their importance in academic writing and research. 

This guide is a solid start and will satisfy the majority of students' APA needs. Quick Links provide access to more in-depth resources..If both APA writing and citation style figure heavily in your program or you expect to continue with academic research and writing, it is likely worth investing in a personal copy of the APA Manual. Here are your APA choices for purchase. You will likely prefer to purchase from a Canadian source.

If you have questions or need more information, contact us!

Changes to the 7th edition

While much of the information and core principles of APA remain the same, there are some notable changes. If you have issues accessing the interactive video, consult the list of changes.

APA Quick Links

Why Cite? Source Types Citation Tools Video Tutorials

APA Resources