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Library Policies

The Mohawk College Library is committed to providing students with a comfortable, safe and student-centred learning environment. Please be considerate of your fellow students by following the Library’s Policies.


Cell Phones

  • Cell phone conversations are not allowed in the library
  • Ringers must be set to off or vibrate

Head Phones

  • Content with audio must be listened to on headphones not computer speakers
  • Headphone volume must not distract library users


  • The library is for quiet study only
  • For groups, visit The Collaboratory at Fennell and other designated group space at all campuses

 Food & Beverages

Cummings Library, Digital Creativity Centre

  • Eating is not permitted in these library spaces
  • Beverages in sealed containers are allowed
  • Food brought into the library must be kept in a backpack or bag and cannot be consumed in the area

IAHS & Stoney Creek Libraries, All Collaboratories

  • Beverages in sealed containers are allowed
  • Snacks are allowed
  • Hot foods such as pizza, fries, pasta, subs, etc. are not permitted

 Library Computers

  • Computers and digital screens are for academic use only
  • During peak times, if you are using a computer for non-academic purposes, you may be asked to log off for students in need of a computer
  • You cannot have someone save a computer for you
  • If you leave a computer unattended for 20 minutes, staff may log you out to allow other students to use it