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Supports for Faculty

Each program area has a Liaison Librarian available to support faculty with the following:

  • Providing class instruction on research and citation
  • Locating or purchasing suitable content for courses or research 
  • Creating online materials such as videos, instructional content and research guides
  • Providing assignment design support by sourcing reliable resources for students
  • Answering questions about copyright, licensing and the use library resources 
  • Supporting faculty research through literature searches 
  • Provide guidance in advanced search skills and information management

The Academic Integrity Office is available to provide support and can assist faculty with:

  • Advise with respect to suspected breaches of academic integrity including mitigation and detection approaches; student discussions; sanctioning and remediation; and resolution.
  • Research, prepare and deliver information to promote learning about themes and topics related to academic integrity and ethical standards of behaviour.
  • Offer guidance and clarifying the Academic Integrity policy, procedure and College evidence-informed practices
  • Advise on best practices with respect to academic integrity and curriculum, outcomes, classroom deliveries, and other teaching, learning, and advising functions.
  • Provide class visits to engage students with definitions, standards, and expectations of conduct with respect to academic integrity

Forms For Faculty

Use the forms below to arrange online support:

Guides for Faculty