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Copyright for Faculty at Mohawk

What is copyright?

What is Copyright

What is Copyright?

In Canada, copyright is governed by the Copyright Act, a federal law that regulates the reproduction and use of intellectual creations.

How does Copyright work?

Copyright protects works from being copied without permission from the copyright holder. It automatically applies to all original works such as books, films, articles, performances, recordings, photographs, paintings, music, digital works and broadcasts.

What is the duration of Copyright?

The length of copyright on an original work is typically 50 years after the death of the creator.  After copyright expires, the work becomes part of the public domain and can be freely copied and distributed.

Why Copyright Matters

  1. It's the law.
  2. We lead by example for our students and colleagues.
  3. It's the right thing to do!

Want to learn more?

Register for the Ontario Colleges Copyright Training under Open Offerings in eLearn

This content was produced for Ontario College Employees and serve as a self-directed learning resource for college employees most likely to engage in copying works under copyright.


Nothing on this page was written by lawyers, and thus, should not be considered to be legal advice.