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What is Access Copyright?

Access Copyright is an organization that serves as a collective voice of creators and publishers. The Access Copyright Website provides more information about the licenses for copying of materials to educational institutions, businesses, governments, and others.

Access Copyright Guidelines

Mohawk College has a license agreement with Access Copyright. Access Copyright is a collective voice of creators and publishers in Canada, licensing the copying of materials to educational institutes

Our Access Copyright license provides guidelines for the reproduction of works in their repertoire. When determining whether or not a work is part of Access Copyright, use the Repertoire Look-Up Tool. Generally, Access Copyright extends the application of Fair Dealing

You may copy up to 20% or any part of an Access Copyright repertoire work that is:

  • An entire article, short story, play, essay, or poem, or reproduction of an artistic work from a volume containing other published works;
  • An entire article or page from a newspaper or periodical;
  • An entire entry from an encyclopedia or similar reference work;
  • An entire reproduction of an artistic work from a publication;
  • One chapter from a book provided the chapter is not more than 20% of that book.

With respect to reproducing an Access Copyright repertoire work, you can:

  • Make photocopies;
  • Fax, scan and print the selection;
  • Store the selection (e.g. on your hard drive, USB stick or on a secure network);
  • Send the selection by email, upload or post copies within a secure network;
  • Project and display the selection (e.g. on an overhead, LCD or plasma monitor, or on a smart board);
  • Create courseware with the selections. (Courseware is paper copies of published works or digital copies that are emailed, linked or hyperlinked to or posted on a secure network as part of a course of study).

Please be sure to provide appropriate bibliographic information (author, title, date, publishing information, incl. URL) and include the following note on anything you copy under the AC license:

This material has been copied/scanned/digitized under permission from Access Copyright. Further reproduction, distribution or transmission is prohibited, except as otherwise permitted by law.”