Librarian Instruction

Liaison Librarians provide students with essential literacy skills that support academic success and bolster career readiness.

Librarian class sessions teaches students how to properly research, evaluate sources and use reliable information. Class visits are structured to meet the unique learning needs of students by semester or course. 

We teach:

  • How to search library databases effectively
  • How to evaluate resources
  • How to cite sources properly using APA style

Liaison librarians offer in-class sessions at all campus locations.

Topics include:

  • Using the library website
  • Introductory or advanced research skills
  • Using the library catalog, databases and research guides
  • Subject and assignment-specific research 
  • Evaluation of information resources
  • Plagiarism and citation, including APA

In-class sessions vary, and are customized to  suit student needs. 

Library Instruction Request

Book an instruction session by a librarian to help your students understand the research process, evaluate resources, cite, and more. 

Library Instruction Request