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Library Code of Conduct

Disruptive Behaviour

  • Disruptive behaviour is prohibited.
  • Security and/or library staff will become involved if offenders do not stop.


  • Anyone stealing or vandalizing library property will be reported to Security.
  • Bags, knapsacks, purses, etc. may be inspected when you leave the library.


  • Any person, who physically assaults, harasses, or uses insulting or threatening language, will be reported to Security.


  •  There is no smoking in the library, Collaboratory or outside on the terrace. This includes the smoking of e-cigarettes.


  • Infants and young children must be in the constant care of a parent or guardian.
  • Library staff is obligated by the Ontario Child and Family Services Act to call the Police or Children's Aid Society if a child is left unattended or in need of protection.

Cummings, IAHS and Stoney Creek Locations

  • No eating is allowed in the library.
  • Food brought into the library must be kept in your backpack or a bag and cannot be consumed in the area.
  • Drinks in containers with secure lids are allowed.

Staff Areas

  • The library may only be used for intended purposes.
  • Staff areas, including desks and equipment in public areas, are restricted to library staff.

The Library Code of Conduct is fully compliant with the Mohawk College Student Behaviour Policy.