Your Library Account

Your Library account allows you to borrow items from the library, check overdues, fines and place holds.

Your Library Account in Page 1+

Accessing your Library Account or Library Card as it is called in Page 1+ allows you to view loans, requests (also called holds), fines, blocks and more!

  1. To access your Library account, click the Sign In link in the top right of the search page in Page 1+

Sign in link in top right

2. If you are an alumni or community borrower, select the first link and if you are a Mohawk College student or staff member, select the second link and sign in with your 9-digit Mohawk ID (including and password

2 log in options: Guest/Alumni/Community and Mohawk Students and Staff

3. You will see some choices such as your loans and requests, also known as holds. Click Library Card to see all. Click My Favorites to see resources you've collected in your Favourites list.

Click Sign In and see a list of options relating to your account such as loans and requests.

4. A menu will appear with all the options to view such as loans, requests, fines, etc.

A menu bar will appear where you can use various actions such as Loans or Fines.


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