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Turnitin Help

Turnitin is an online text matching tool that scans your assignments against existing sources for improper citations or potential plagiarism. This tool compares assignments to previously submitted work as well as website and database content.  

Mohawk College instructors use Turnitin to check for the originality of student papers. 

Click the icon below to try Turnitin for yourself:

Turnitin tool in MyCanvas

Follow these steps to submit an assignment:

  1. Join the Library@MyCanvas Course in MyCanvas
    Library@MyCanvas Join this course

  2. Click on the Assignments and choose Turnitin - Check Before Submitting Your Assignment
    Library@MyCanvas, Assignments tab, Turnitin Check Before Submitting

  3. Click on the Start Assignment button if it is your first time submitting.
    Click on Start Assignment

    *Subsequent attempts: Click on New Attempt
    Click on New attempt for subsequent attempts

  4. Upload a file, check to agree to the terms, Click on Submit Assignment
    Submit a file

NOTE: When you use the Turnitin folder your papers are not deposited to Turnitin’s repository.

After you submit your essay, Turnitin will generate a Similarity Report, which highlights matches between your essay/paper and other sources, flagging passages that require better paraphrasing or referencing. It may take a few hours for a report to display.

Follow these steps to view the report:

  1. From the Assignments tool, select the assignment that you have submitted, and click on Submission details
    Click on Submission Details

  2. To view your Similarity Report, select the Similarity Percentage
    click on percentage to view report

  3. Items in red indicate a high similarity percentage while items in green indicate a low percentage of similarity