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Contract cheating is the practice of outsourcing student work (ICAI, 2020). Contract cheating has a negative impact on the learning environment, impacting learning relationships for students and the trust that instructors have towards student assignment submissions. It devalues education, as individuals receive undeserved awards and grades, graduate with profound knowledge gaps, and develop a habit of engaging in dishonest behaviours professionally (ICAI, 2020). Contract cheating may seem like a quick solution, but has long-term consequences.

Outsourcing student work is not limited to essay mills or third-party sites. It also includes allowing the following people to write your assignments:

  • Classmates
  • Former students
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Students at other institutions
  • Tutors

You can learn more about contract cheating on the International Center for Academic Integrity website, by connecting with your instructor or by contacting the Mohawk College Academic Integrity Office.

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