General Format


  • Use italics for titles of magazines and books
  • Use apostrophes when citing physical resources
  • Use periods when citing online resources
  • Use et al. when there are 6 or more authors
  • Do not indent the second line of the reference


Web Document

J. K. Author. (year, month day). Title [type of medium]. Available: (url)
J. Hewes. (2014). Circuit symbols [Online]. Available:


J. K. Author, Title of Book, ed. Place of publication, Country (if not US), Publisher, year, pp xx-xx.
T.L. Floyd, Electronic Devices: Conventical Current Version. Boston: Prentice Hall, 2012.


J. K. Author. (date). Title of Book (ed) [type of medium]. Available: (url)
J.O. Bird. (2014). Electrical circuit theory and technology (5th ed.) [Online]. Available: eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)


J. K. Author, "Title of Article," Magazine Title, vol. x, no. x, pp. xx-xx, Abbrev. month, year.
J. Gordon, "Ultimate garden shed," The Family Handyman, pp.23-37, July/Aug. 2014.


J. K. Author. (year, month). Title of article. Magazine Title [type of medium]. volume(issue), pp. xx-xx. Available: (url)
M.A. Anthony, P. Ling and J. Meijer. (2014, May). Lightening up the lighting load. EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance [Online]. 113(5), pp.18-25. Available: Business Source Premier

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