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Mohawk Library has launched a new search tool called Page 1+.  

Page 1+ gives you easy access to our collections. With its intuitive design and powerful engine, it empowers students to search and access the information they need to complete their assignments more efficiently and effectively than ever before.   

Simply type your search terms into the search box...  

  • Access high quality research resources  
  • Utilize robust features to refine your results  
  • Add items to your favourites  
  • Log in to manage your Library account and make lists of relevant resources  

Key Features of Page 1+


Enter your search in the search box on the Library homepage. Pictured below is the search box where you may enter your search terms as well as the dropdown menu beside the search box that allows you to search all of the Library's collections, just the catalogue or just articles. The "Advanced Search" link is located beside the search box. Clicking there will open more search options.

Search results page showing search box, options and advanced search

Refining Search Results in Page 1+

After you type your search words into the search box on the homepage, you will see your result list. You can use the facets on the left-hand side of the screen to further refine your results. Click the small half triangle beside the facet to open it and view options. For example:

  • Under Availability, you can select only items that are available online, open access items, peer-reviewed journals or items available for loan from the library
  • Under Resource Type, you can select the type of resource you are interested in such as articles, books, videos, etc.
  • Under Publication Date, you can select a date range
  • Under Databases, select only the database you would like to search

The left sidebar contains a series of facets you can use to refine your search results.

Your result list will look like what is pictured below. Notice the "Refine Your Results" facets on the left. You will also see some other options:

  • Click the "pin" icon to add resources to a list. If you sign in, those saved results will be saved to your account for later retrieval!
  • Sign into your account using your 9-digit Mohawk ID and password, by clicking "sign in" in the top right.

Primo VE results list showing facets to refine the search, sign in link and "pin" button.

Saving Results in Page 1+

When you click on a result, you will have a variety of options available. Pictured below is a search result with the "Permalink" button, "Citation" button and "Pin" button showing in top right.

  • Click the "Permalink" to get a link to that result that you can put anywhere
  • Click the "Citation" button to reveal a citation in any number of citation styles (e.g., APA, MLA, etc.)
  • Click the "Pin" button to add the item to your list. If you sign in (top right), you can save your list of favourites beyond the current session, for reference later.

Result in Primo VE result list showing options available such as Permalink, Citation, Pin and more.

Detailed Information About an Item

Click on a title in the results list to get more information about the item. Pictured below is the detailed record for the item revealed after clicking the title of an item in the result list.

  • Within the record are options to access the permalink, a citation, email, print and more
  • You may also access the full-text of the item if available, from this screen. Note you will need to sign in with your 9-digit Mohawk ID and password to access licensed resources
  • Scroll down to see further details about the item such as author(s) and subject(s).

Item record view with callouts showing actions available, link to resource and more information

Help with Page 1+

Check back often as we further refine and enhance Page 1+ to meet your needs! 

Your research begins on Page 1+. 

Need help? Contact the Library for help with using Page 1+ or any of our research resources!