Light Therapy Lamps

The transition from fall to winter means grayer skies, shorter days, and for some people, the return of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Light therapy lamps are designed to mimic spring and summer light levels and can help improve SAD symptoms.


Suxio Light Therapy Lamps 

  • Available at Fennell and IAHS - speak to library staff at the desk to borrow
  • 2-week loan period (14 days)
  • Non-renewable/holdable
  • Late fines: $1 a day

Instructions for Use

  1. Turn the lamp on and place on a level surface - approximately 14 inches away, slightly to the side.
  2. Sit close to the Light Therapy Lamp with your eyes open - the light from the lamp must be directed at your eyes; therefore, your eyes must be open to achieve the full benefit. Never look directly into light.
  3. Use for 20-30 minutes while you are reading, working or relaxing.

Health Warning

Before using the lamp, please consult a health-care professional, especially if you have been told that you must wear sunglasses in sunlight, have a medical condition including retinal disease, macular degeneration, bipolar disorder or diabetes, or are taking certain medications including, but not limited to, melatonin, thioridazine or lithium.

The use of light therapy lamps should not be viewed as a substitute for seeking medical  advice. If you are unsure whether using the lamp is a safe option for you, or if you  experience any discomfort while using the lamp, please consult with a health-care professional.

Use of the lamp is at your own discretion. Mohawk College Library is not liable for any health issues related to the use of the lamp.

About Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

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