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How to Find a Journal

Do you have a reading list with references to journals for your course? Here is how to find those journals in electronic format using the eJournal Portal.

Search the eJournal Portal

  1. Go to the Library Homepage and click on the Journals by Title option under the search box. Type the name of the journal you are looking for into the search box and click Search. example of searching for a journal

  2. Select a journal from the search results and click on the Full Text Access link to see which databases have the full-text of the journal. selecting the full text access link for a journal

  3. Click on any of the links under Full Text Access. full text access links for journals

  4. If you click on a database link, you will be taken to a page that provides information about the journal you selected. You will see a list of the years for which the journal articles are available. Click on the publication year of interest and select a volume and issue. example of selecting a journal year and issue number

  5. If you click on an open access link, you will be taken to the website for the journal. You will need to look for a list of years for which the journal articles are available. example of a journal website

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