Photocopiers are located at all campus locations and can be used to print, copy, and scan. The cost for printing is the same for all paper sizes but differs depending on whether you print single or double sided, or choose colour printing. Payment can only be made with funds from your ONE Card. 


There are two ways to print on campus, from a college desktop computer or from your personal laptop or mobile device. 

College Desktop PC

  1. Log into a computer with your 9-digit MohawkID & password
  2. Send your job to the printer - print-anywhere on acfe-064-ps045
  3. Go to a printer and tap your ONE Card
  4. Choose Print on the screen to print all items or choose Print Release to select an item and then Print

Personal Laptop/Mobile Device

The Web Print (PaperCut) service allows users to print directly from a laptop or mobile device to any printer on campus.

  1. Log into Web Print with your 9-digit MohawkID and password 
  2. Click on Web Print in the menu
  3. Click on the Submit a Job button
  4. Choose acfe-064-ps045\Print-Anywhere (virtual) and click on the Print Options and Account Selection button
  5. Choose the number of copies and click the Upload Documents button
  6. Upload the file and click the Upload and Complete button

Go to a nearby printer and tap your ONE Card on the indicated area to release your print job. 

Print, Copy and Scan fees regardless of paper size:

  • Single: 15¢
  • Two-sided: 26¢
  • Colour Single: 25¢
  • Colour Two-sided: 46¢
  • Scan: 5¢

You can add funds to your ONE Card at the following locations:

  • Online at the ONE Card website (Debit, Credit)
  • In Person: Fennell Campus Store, C104 (Cash, Debit, Credit)
  • In Person: Fennell ONE Card office, i130 (Debit, Credit)
  • In Person: Stoney Creek Campus Store, A124 (Cash, Debit, Credit)

Note: Adding funds In Person is not available at the IAHS campus. 

You can check your balance in the following ways:

Library Printer Locations

  • Fennell Campus: Cummings Library Room H101 & Collaboratory Room H201
  • Stoney Creek Campus: Stoney Creek Library Room A122
  • McMaster Campus: IAHS Student Services Room 86

Contact Us

 Cummings Library  905-575-2077

 IAHS Library 905-575-1212 x6835

 Stoney Creek Library 905-575-2504

   Text Us 289-277-0114