The library has subscriptions to many course-related Video Databases to help students with their research. They are not freely available on the Internet. If you are looking for a specific Video and cannot find it in the collection, please contact us.

Some of our online videos can be found in the Library Catalogue. Instructions for adding video links from the catalogue can be found in the box below. You may also find videos on YouTube or other places on the web. Always check to see who owns the rights to the video and if it is possible for you to link to it, before adding it to your eLearn course. If you would like to embed a video in an eLearn course, please contact us for assistance. 

Things to note:

  • The library has purchased databases from several vendors and the steps are slightly different for each vendor. 
  • No login is required for on-campus access, but if you are off-campus, you will need to sign in with your MohawkID.
  • Database content is copyright-cleared. You do not need to contact the publisher to use it. 
  • Many of the databases offer alternate formats (e.g. students can listen to articles) so linking to them can help students with different learning styles.
  • It is always a good idea to provide a full citation whenever you're linking to online material that takes a student outside of eLearn.  For one, it is a requirement of the Copyright Policy and as well, links can break. If students have the citation, they can find the material another way.

How to Find Video Links in the Catalogue

1. Find the online video you would like by searching for it in the library catalogue. Hint: search for the keyword and add “online video” without quotation marks in the search box or enter a keyword and choose Video from the format dropdown menu.

2. Look for the video icon and the link “click here to watch video” in the results list – this will tell you that you have found an online video.

3. Click the title of the video if you wish to see more details about it.

4. From the full record or from the results list, right click the link “Click here to watch video” and choose "Copy Link Location"/"Copy shortcut" from the pop-up menu. You now have a link that you can paste into eLearn. 

How to Find Video Links in the Catalogue