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Zoom Video Conferencing: Meeting Controls

Meeting Controls

Once you have entered a Zoom meeting, there are many meeting controls available for you to use:

  • Mute / unmute
  • Start / stop video
  • Invite others to meeting
  • See other participants
  • Share screen
  • Remote control
  • Chat
  • Record

Host-only Controls:

  • User permissions
  • Mute / unmute all participants

Share Screen

Zoom allows for screen sharing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices running Zoom.

  • The host or attendees can screen share by clicking the Share Screen button.
  • The host does not need to grant screen share access for another participant to share their screen.
  • The host can prevent participants from accessing screen share.

Meeting Controls (Video: 10:16)

Remote Control

Zoom allows you to take control of another meeting participant's screen using the Remote Control feature.

  • During a remote control session, the person requesting control can't access admin credentials or security settings.
  • You can either request remote control of another participant's screen, or, the other participant can give control to you.
  • The host can enable or disable remote control for specific users.