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Web Browsers: Overview


A web browser is a type of software that allows you to find and view websites on the Internet. There are many different web browsers you can use, but they all have similar features, including an address bar, bookmarks, browsing history, tabs to have multiple pages open at once, navigation buttons, and more!   

To learn more about browser basics, view the resources below: 

In addition to providing resources for the most common browsers, this guide will also provide resources for mobile browsing.


Chrome is a commonly used web browser developed by Google that be used on PCs, macOS, and your Android and iOS mobile device.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser that was developed by Microsoft and was released with Windows 10.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a browser developed by Microsoft. It was replaced by Microsoft Edge when Windows 10 was released.  


Firefox is a browser that was developed by Mozilla that can be used on PCs, macOS, and your Android and iOS mobile device.


Mobile Browsers

Mobile devices come with a browser pre-installed. For example, Samsung devices come with a Samsung browser, and iOS devices come with Safari.  Users can also download most of the above browsers to use on their device. One exception is Internet Explorer, which is not available, but users can download Microsoft Edge if they want a Microsoft browser.  


Google Chrome can be used on Android and iOS devices.  

Microsoft Edge can be used on Android and iOS devices.  Use this on your mobile device instead of Internet Explorer. 

Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. 

Safari comes pre-installed on your iOS device.