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Virtual Private Network (VPN): Mac OS X Install

Step 1: Log in to the Global Protect

Log in to Global Protect

Use your MohawkID (9-digits) and password (DO NOT add

VPN Web Login

Step 2: Download the Mac 32/64 bit GlobalProtect agent.

VPN Web Login

Locate the downloaded file and double click it to run the installer.

Step 3: Click continue

Installer Welcome Screen

Step 4: Select the installation disk and click Continue.

Installation Disk Selection

Step 5: Check the box next to GlobalProtect and click Continue to begin installation.

Installer Type Screen

If prompted, enter your computer username and password and click Install.

Note: If the below security box appears you MUST click Open Security Preferences .

Blocked Extension

Then click Allow at the bottom of the Security & Privacy box to allow the Palo Alto Extension.

Security and Privacy Menu

Step 6: Connect to the VPN

The GlobalProtect app should launch automatically. If not, you can launch it by clicking the globe icon in the top right of your screen.

Once the app has launched enter “" as shown.

You will be prompted for login credentials, enter your MohawkID credentials (ex: 000123456), and the VPN will connect.

VPN Login Screen