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Video Production: YouTube Hosting

YouTube Privacy Settings

There are three options for providing access to your uploaded video -- Public, Private, and Unlisted.

Public (Default)

  • Anyone can view it
  • Found in YouTube search results


  • Restrict to a few people by adding their email address
  • No comments allowed


  • Only people with the link will be able to access it
  • Not found in YouTube search results

When you upload a video to YouTube, by default it’s set as a “Public” video, which means that anybody can view it, and it can be found in YouTube search results.

If you would like to restrict access to your video (to only people in your course, for example), consider switching your video to "Unlisted" and your video will not appear in YouTube search results; only people with your video link will be able to access it.

YouTube Accessibility Settings

A closed captioning feature is available in YouTube. The following video will provide you with details: