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Video Production: Microsoft Stream Hosting

What is Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream is an enterprise video service, similar in concept to YouTube, where students and faculty can upload, view, and share videos securely. Share recordings of classes, meetings, presentations, training sessions, or other videos. Microsoft Stream also makes it easy to share comments on a video, tag time codes in comments, add descriptions to refer to specific points in a video, and discuss with colleagues.

How to Access Microsoft Stream

You can access Microsoft Stream through the Office 365 App Launcher:

Office 365 App Launcher

Sharing a Stream Video

To share your Microsoft Stream video, go to your video and click on the Share button near the bottom of the video.  
Share button

You have 3 sharing options, follow the instructions listed below:

Enter the email addresses of the person that you would like to send the video to, then click Send and close to send an email with the video link.
Share via Email

An embed code can be generated to be inserted into any website or anywhere that accepts an embed code. In eLearn, you can embed this code in a discussion group post. Choose your settings and click on copy to copy the code and paste it into any applicable area.
Share embed code

Upload a Video to Stream

You can upload a video to Microsoft Stream by following the steps below:

  1. In the Microsoft Stream portal, select Create > Upload a video or the upload icon from the top navigation bar
    Stream upload menu
  2. Drag and drop or select files from your computer or device
    Stream upload page
  3. Add additional Details, Permissions, and other Options. Make sure the option "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" option is checked, under "Permissions"
    Stream DetailsStream PermissionsStream Options

Once your video has been uploaded, you can find it by clicking on My content > My videos from the top navigation bar.

You can also follow the guides to learn more about uploading:

Mobile Apps

Microsoft Stream has both an iOS and Android mobile app that allows you to upload and watch videos.