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Teams (Microsoft): Creating a Team

Goals: Plan the Purpose of Your Team

Teams are groups of people brought together for work, projects, or common interests. What is the goal of your team? Planning the purpose of your team will help you organize the structure.

Remote Work – Staff Teams

  • Team Meetings
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Classroom - Academic

  • Synchronous Lecture Live
  • Facilitate Group Work

  Student Learning

  • Group Work
  • Collaboration
  • Study Groups
  • Deliver Live Presentations

Step 1: Create a Team

Microsoft Teams icon

From the Teams navigation bar, click Teams

Join or create a team option

At the bottom of the teams list, click on the Join or create a team button.

Create a team button

Choose Create a new team.

Step 2: Select Team Type

Microsoft Teams team types

The recommended Team type for new users, is the Staff team option. This option gives you the most flexibility in customizing your Team settings.

What is a Staff Team?

Staff team Staff Teams

Create a staff team for departments, classes, committees or student groups. All Team types contain channels that can be customized by scenario.

Members: Staff leaders are team owners and add staff members as team members.

Permissions: Staff leaders control posting settings. Staff members only have write permission in certain areas.


  • Staff Notebook
  • Conversations
  • Files
  • Meetings
  • Video and audio calls
  • Chat (if enabled)
  • Pinning new tabs with documents or sites


  • Communicate
  • Make announcements
  • Share and organize content
  • Work in smaller groups
  • Organize virtual or face-to-face meetings

Microsoft Team: Best Practices