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ePortfolio: Sway: Working with a Template

Creating an ePortfolio Using Sway (Video: 25 m)

Log in with your MohawkID to watch this recorded Sway workshop. You will learn how to get started copying a template and replacing the text and images with your own content.

Copy a Sway ePortfolio Template

Step 1: Open Sway from the App Launcher

You can easily access Sway from any Office365 app by using the App Launcher, or you can access Sway directly from the Office homepage. To find out how, see the following guide:

Step 2: Open the template.

Your instructor will post the template in MyCanvas, or you can find it on this page under Program ePortfolio Templates. You will now have Sway open in two tabs. 

Open the template provided by your instructor.

Step 3: Open the options menu.

It is located in the top right-hand corner. Select Duplicate this Sway. 

top-right is 3 dots. Select "Duplicate this Sway"

Step 4: Rename your Sway.

Change the name to your full name and ePortfolio. This will be the name of your Sway file. 

A window called "Duplicate this Sway" will appear, and it will ask you to rename the duplicate the duplicated Sway. Change the name to Your Name (first and last) - ePortfolio. Select duplicate Sways.

Step 5: Open Sway homepage.

Click Go to My Sways to open the Sway home page.

Once you have rename your Sway, you will be given the option to Go to your Sways (the Swayhomepage), or to Edit it Now. Choose Go to My Sways.

Step 6: My Sways

The Sway landing page will show all your Sway projects. Click on your new Sway to get started. 

Sway landing page.

Program ePortfolio Templates

Choose the ePortfolio template for your course from the list below. Right click the link and select open in new window. The template will open in a new window, and then you will follow the steps in the Copy a Sway ePortfolio Template.

Storyline Mode

The Storyline is where you type, insert, edit, and format the content that tells your story.  Content is added by adding cards, each of which holds the type of content you want — such as text, images, videos, and even Office documents. The order of cards can be rearranged at any time to suit your needs.

Storyline view of Sway. Select the green plus icon to add cards.

Design Mode

Design mode is where you can change the style of your Sway.  Click Design on the menu bar, and then select Styles. ​​

You can also adjust a specific part of the currently applied style, such as color, font, and textures, by clicking on the Customize button in the Styles pane

Design view in Sway.