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ePortfolio: Sway: Sway Tips

Insert a Link into Your Sway ePortfolio

The following instructions guide you through adding links, including OneDrive links, to your ePortfolio. 

  1. Start by adding a text card.
  2. Next, select link from the menu.
  3. In the pop up, in the Web Link box, paste the link you copied from OneDrive. In the Display Text box, type the text you want to be displayed. The text would reflect the content of the document being linked to. 

    Link box. Type display text, paste the web link and select okay.
  4. Select OK.

Make Your Sway Accessible

An accessible Sway design ensures that everyone can read your content and that your reach more people. 

  Options drop down menu with accessibility checker. You can check your Sway for accessibility by using the accessibility checker. Select the three dots in the top right hand corner, and from the drop down menu, select Accessibility Checker.

Convert a PDF to JPG

To display copies of certificates, it is best to save them as images so they are easy to view. If you try to upload a PDF file to one of your sections, it might split your PDF into multiple cards.

Try one of the free online tools listed below to convert your PDFs.

Scan a document with your device and insert it into your Sway

Microsoft Office Lens has been integrated into OneDrive on your mobile device. You can now scan a document directly to you OneDrive account, and then add it to Sway.

1. Download OneDrive onto your device.

Start by downloading OneDrive on your device. When you sign into your OneDrive, use your Mohawk College email.

2. Scan your document to OneDrive

Scan your document to your OneDrive account. Below are instructions for Android and iOS.  Choose the type of phone you have, and then choose the Scan a whiteboard, document, or business card to OneDrive section for instructions.  

The saved image will be a PDF, but will still be added to your Sway as an image.

3. Add your image to Sway

Once your file has been saved to your OneDrive, you can add it to Sway.  Check out our Add content to your Sway page.

Scan a document with a scanner

When using a scanner to scan a document, ensure that you are scanning the document as an image. This will have one of the following file formats: .jpg, .png, or .gif.  Once you have scanned the document, visit the Add content to your Sway page, specifically the Image cards box for instructions on how to upload the images to your Sway.