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ePortfolio: Sway: Sharing Your Sway ePortfolio

How Can I Share a Sway?

When you are ready to share your Sway:​

  1. Click the Share button. ​
  2.  Choose how you would like to share. For an assignment, or to share with an employer, select Anyone with a link.​
  3. Beside the choice Invite People to, choose view if submitting an assignment or to share with an employer. Choose edit if you are working on a group project and want your group members to edit.
  4. Copy your Sway link. 

Sway share options

Submitting your Sway in MyCanvas

To submit your Sway presentation, paste the share link in the "Website URL" submission option in MyCanvas.

Submit your Sway in MyCanvas location

Exporting your Sway

Your Sway ePortfolio can be exported as a Word Document or PDF.

  1. From the Options menu, select Export.​
  2. Choose your format (Word or PDF).
  3. You can also print your Sway by selecting print from the Options menu. Your Sway will download as a PDF, and then you can print it.

Sway options menu, with export and print highlighted.