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Respondus LockDown Browser: About

What is Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor?

LockDown Browser (Respondus) is a custom browser only intended for taking quizzes (including tests or exams) in MyCanvas for courses that have been specifically set up to require use of this browser.

If you are required to use LockDown Browser, your quiz title will include "Requires Lockdown Browser". You will be alerted to install the software on your personal computer if you haven't done so already. Campus computers and laptops borrowed from the college already have LockDown Browser installed. 

Respondus Monitor

If your test requires the use of a webcam (sometimes referred to as Respondus Monitor), you’ll be guided through a brief set of screens prior to the start of the quiz. A quiz that requires a webcam will include webcam in the title. With Respondus Montior,  the camera will record you during an online test or exam. 

Your computer must have a functioning webcam and microphone. Try to use the same computer every time you take a test so you know that your software and equipment are working.

Computer Requirements

Respondus LockDown Browser is an application installed installed on your computer.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows: 10 *, 8, 7. Windows 10S is not a compatible operating system.
*  Includes x86 32 and 64bit processors and ARM 64bit processors using x86 emulation.

Mac: macOS 10.12 to 10.15

NOTE: Respondus does not work on Chromebooks

How LockDown Browser Works

  • Quizzes (tests) are displayed full-screen and cannot be minimized
  • Browser menu and toolbar options are removed, except for Back, Forward, Refresh and Stop
  • Prevents access to other applications including email, messaging, screen-sharing, browsers and other software applications
  • Printing and screen capture functions are disabled
  • Copying and pasting is disabled
  • Right-click menu options, function keys, keyboard shortcuts and task switching are disabled
  • A quiz cannot be exited until you submit it for grading
  • Quizzes that are set up for use with LockDown Browser cannot be accessed with other browsers

Introduction to Respondus Lockdown Browser for Students