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PowerPoint: Record Presentations: Preparing Your PowerPoint

Designing Your Slides

Your slides must be designed for the content required. If you are using videos, you must leave space for them in your design. Choose simple background designs to make make your content easier to read.

PowerPoint slide with a busy background. Example of a bad PowerPoint slide.

PowerPoint slide with solid background. Example of a good PowerPoint Slide.

  1. Choose a simple backdrop to record your video narration in a corner.
  2. Choose a background for your slides that blends with your video recording.
  3. The slides should contain the following elements:
    1. Title
    2. Text area
    3. Space to upload media
    4. Space to record your narration: 2.5 inches (width) x 2 inches (height)
    Sample Slide Design: Top left: Title; Top right: text; bottom right: recorded video, bottom left: picture.

Inserting a Video on a Slide

To insert a video from your computer, you must first save the video on your computer, somewhere you can easily find it. To insert the video into your PowerPoint presentation, follow these steps:

1.  From the ribbon, select Insert. This will display all the options for items you can insert.

Insert option from the ribbon in PowerPoint


2.    Select Video, and from the Video drop down menu, choose Video on My PC.  

Insert Video on My PC


3. Then choose the video that you would like to insert.

Before you can add a video to your presentation, it must be stored on your iPhone.  Open the presentation.

1. On your iPhone, tap the Edit icon

iphone insert menu

2. Tap Home, and then tap Insert to see the Insert Menu Options.

Insert option highlighted

3. On the Insert tab, tap Videos and then navigate to the location of your video on your iPhone. Tap the video to add it to your presentation. You will have to re-size your video by dragging a corner.

Insert video iPhone

Open your presentation from PowerPoint on your phone.

1. On your Android phone, tap the Edit icon android edit button.

2. Tap Home to see the options for the menu, and then tap Insert:
Android PowerPoint home menu

3. On the Insert menu, tap Pictures:
Android Insert menu


4. In the Pictures menu, Tap Photos.
Insert photo highlighted

5. From the photos option on your phone, find the location of the video, and tap to insert it.