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Office 365: Sharing Files

OneDrive > Sharing Files

Use this guide to learn more about sharing files using OneDrive. File sharing can be used by students to:

  • Co-authoring documents
  • Uploading video and creating a link for an assignment
  • Creating links to your work to share on a digital poster 
  • Creating links to share in an eportfolio

Upload Files to OneDrive

If your file is not already stored in OneDrive, choose the upload option. You can upload individual files or folders.

OneDrive "Upload Files" menu

Choose File to Share

1. Tick the checkbox next to the file.

2. Click the Share option:

OneDrive "Share" example

Sharing Permissions

By default, shared files are set to allow users to edit, if you want to restrict editing:

1. Click on Anyone with the link can edit and uncheck Allow editing.
2. Find the people you want to share by typing in their names.
3. Send the link by email, or copy the link to a email or submit as an assignment.

OneDrive "Share via link" menu

OneDrive Sharing Tutorial (Video: 1:26)

Learn More

Update your OneDrive skills using one of the online training websites shown below.