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MyMohawk: Timetable and Course Details

Choose a Timetable

Find out when you need to register and choose your timetable by logging in to MyMohawk and select the registration tab. Look for the link that says Find out when to register online.

mymohawk registration tab

Choose or change my timetable

Select a Program

Note: If you have multiple registrations with Mohawk you may see more than one option, be sure to select the current program you are choosing a timetable for.

Current Student Information

confirmation for registration

select a block radio button

mymohawk payment options

  1. Log in to MyMohawk and from the left-hand menu click on Registration.
  2. Click on Choose or change my timetable under the Postsecondary students box.
  3. Click on the program number underneath Select a Program.
  4. Click Submit to Confirm to confirm that the Student ID and name listed for you is correct.
  5. Confirm that your student information is correct and click Continue.
  6. To see a timetable outline, you must select the block by clicking on the Radio Button as highlighted below. Select your electives in the same manner in order to see the change reflected on the timetable outline. When you are happy with the outline, click Submit to Register at the bottom of the page.
  7. Once your timetable has been submit, you are required to either Set up Deferral Plan or Make Payment. In the event of OSAP or Second Career funding being paid directly to the college itself, select Set up Deferral Plan.

View a Timetable

  1. Log in to MyMohawk and from the left-hand menu click on Academics.
    MyMohawk academics tab
  2. Click on View my Timetable under the Academic profile box.
    view my timetable


View Course Details

  1. Log in to MyMohawk and from the left-hand menu click on Academics.
    MyMohawk academics tab
  2. Click on View Course Details under the Academic Profile box.
    View Course Details
  3. Select the term of the courses you wish to view the details of and click Submit.
    select a term