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MyCanvas: Navigation

Navigating MyCanvas is easy! The resources on this page include how to use the Global Navigation menu, how to customizie your Dashboard and how to navigate a course. 

Global Navigation

undefinedThe Global Navigation bar is located on the left-hand side of the screen to help you switch tasks and screens. If you see Groups in your Global Navigation bar, it is because one of your instructors has assigned you to a group.

When you log in to MyCanvas, you land on the Dashboard page where you can see your course cards.

Here are some great resources.

How do I...

Dashboard: Overview

The Dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in to MyCanvas. From here, you can access specific courses, check course activity, grades, feedback, manage your to-do list and see upcoming events. You can drag and drop the courses into your preferred order and change the course name on each card.

Customize the look of the Dashboard in MyCanvas by clicking on the "more" symbol. Then, you can see how your Course Dashboard will look in Card View, List View, or a Recent Activity view. 

The recommended option is Card View.Dashboard options views

Here are some great resources.

How do I...

Dashboard: Course Card Customization

The Dashboard displays up to 7 course cards at a time. You can customize the look by removing the colour overlay or changing the colour of your cards. You can't change the image selected by your instructor.  To remove the colour overlay select the options menu    in the Dashboard toolbar, and select Colour Overlay.

Turning on colour overlay directions image

To change the color of a course card select more options  from the Course Card. Select a colour, and Click "Apply" to see your changes.

Changing colour on course card direction image