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MyCanvas: Account Settings

MyCanvas includes options for customizing your settings. Use these tutorials to learn how to use the Global Dashboard to access your account profile, change your notification settings and save your files.

Customize Your Account Settings

Canvas settings

To view your personal account settings, click Account (your photo) in the Global Navigation menu. Select Settings from the Account menu. Review the tabbed menu above to learn more about how to customize your account.


Use the resources listed below to learn more.

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Notification Preferences

Canvas notification settings

Canvas includes a set of default notification preferences for your courses. However, you can modify these default settings and set your own preferences.

To access Notifications, use the Global Navigation Menu, select Account, then click on Notifications.


Here are some great resources.

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Files in MyCanvas

Canvas filesIn Canvas there are three separate file spaces that students may have access to. 

Course – All students will have access to course files if the instructor allows it. In some courses instructors may turn off the files link in the course navigation.
Personal – You have a personal private file space that can be accessed via the Account link in the global navigation. In the personal Files you can rename, delete, organize, and upload files. 
Group – If you are enrolled in a course group, you will have access to the group files. All group members can rename, delete, organize, and upload files.

By default, each user has 50 MB of storage space in Canvas

Open Courses

Canvas open coursesOpen Courses can be found in your account section of the Global Navigation bar. Under Open Courses you will find optional courses to supplement your learning at Mohawk. Self-register in any courses that are listed on this page. Read the Canvas guide below for information on how to drop these courses.