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MyCanvas: Welcome

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What is MyCanvas?

I Keep Hearing About MyCanvas...What IS It?

MyCanvas is the new Learning Management System (LMS) rolling out to Mohawk College students in January 2020. MyCanvas has a number of features that will make learning, teaching and collaborating in an online environment smoother for Mohawk students and staff.​ See the list below for programs that will be using MyCanvas during the winter term.

Programs Using MyCanvas

In January 2020, the following programs will be migrating to MyCanvas:

  • Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance - 269
  • Aviation Technician - Aircraft Structures - 289
  • Aviation Technician - Avionics - 299
  • Paralegal -- 285
  • Business Analysis – 334
  • Human Resources Management - 113
  • Electrician Construction & Maintenance - 309A
  • Gas and Oil Burner Technician 2 - 049
  • Industrial Electrician - 442A
  • Power Engineering Techniques - 482
  • Utilities Systems Operator – 486
  • Selected CE programs
  • Dual Credit
  • City School
  • Programs for Newcomers (LINC & WPP)
  • Academic Upgrading

MyCanvas FAQs

Mohawk is committed to providing a quality education and amazing college experience for students. The college regularly conducts comprehensive reviews of key information technology systems used in the delivery of education to ensure those systems continue to meet the current and future needs of our students. The decision to adopt a new LMS is the result of our most recent review and will ensure our students and faculty continue to have access to the best learning tools available.

A select number of courses/programs will be transitioned for to MyCanvas for the Winter 2020 semester. Students enrolled in those courses/programs will receive a communication from their Associate Dean mid-December. Information on how to log in, training and links to supports will be available at that time.

Your courses will be delivered just as they have been in the past. Faculty will guide you to the location of course content and training will be provided for anyone who requires it. Mohawk's Library TECH BARs will provide training in person, by appointment or through workshops and class sessions.

Questions related to course content should be directed to your faculty. Contact the TECH BAR for questions about navigating your course.

Although every effort is being made to avoid overlapping the two LMS systems during the transition period, in some cases it is unavoidable.

Login on eLearn to view all of your courses for the winter term. If your course is being delivered on MyCanvas you will see a message redirecting you to MyCanvas. Otherwise, your course is being delivered on eLearn.

All content from eLearn will need to be removed before April 20, 2020. If you have items stored in your Locker on eLearn, be sure to download and save to your laptop, USB or cloud account. In February, all students will be provided with more details on the actions they need to take to transition for eLearn to MyCanvas.

Top Six MyCanvas Features

Collaborate with your classmates

  • Study and work on assignments with group tools for online communication and collaboration from anywhere.

Connect your personal calendar and to-do list

  • Stay on top of your tasks by adding your to-do list and calendar events to your personal calendar. 

Portfolio icon Build your digital portfolio 

  • Document your achievements and experiences to help you reflect on your learning. After graduation, a portfolio could help you land jobs and market yourself.

Customize MyCanvas to work for you

  • Choose how to order your courses on your MyCanvas dashboard.
  • Personalize your notification reminders and choose what you want to receive, and how often you are notified, so you never miss important deadlines.
  • You have the ability to submit URLs, text, other file types including video and audio files.

Plan ahead with What-If grades

  • Plan your efforts and take control of your grades. Calculate your total grade by entering hypothetical grades for all assignments with the What-If grades feature.

Canvas mobile app icon Get the student app

  • Download the app to access your course information, communicate with your instructors, submit assignments, check grades and manage your MyCanvas account from anywhere, any time.

What's New?

Here are just a few new features to discover in MyCanvas:

Email: Inbox - or Conversations

Dropbox: Assignments

Course outline: Syllabus will include links to Course Outline and Learning Plan

Content: Modules

Classlist: People

Locker: Files

Pinning courses: Starring Courses

Calendar: includes a personal calendar to add your own meetings and tasks

Open Offerings: Open Courses