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ePortfolio: Portfolium (Folio): Share Your ePortfolio

Find & Share Your Portfolium Link

share your eportfolio

Share your ePortfolio by copying your eportfolio URL.  You can add this to your LinkedIn profile, email to potential employers, share on your social media platforms or submit in MyCanvas as an assignment.

Privacy Settings

Folio includes privacy settings that will allow you to decide who can see your eportfolio. By default, anyone can view your eportfolio using the URL created when you setup your account.

If you prefer to change the privacy settings, you can do this by clicking on Me in the navigation bar, then choose settings.

From settings, follow these steps:

1. Choose privacy

2. Check the option to "only allow people I'm connected with to view my profile".

3. A link will be created for you to copy and share with your instructor or employers.

Folio Privacy Settings

Share using the Portfolium Mobile App

portfolium ios appDownload the iOS Portfolium app. Build your online identity and promote your academic, professional and extracurricular work. Now you can capture and upload entries and photos in real-time directly from your phone!

The Portfolium App allows you to present your e-portfolio to employers in-person at interviews and career fairs.

Android app is coming soon!

Review the links below for more information on using the app.