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Add Projects to Your Portfolio

Click on the Portfolio tab and choose Add New Project

Portfolio projects

Add a Project Title & Attachments

1 - Visibility: Visibility settings allow you to set the privacy of your entries.  To showcase your abilities and build a healthy online identity, we encourage you to keep your awesome work public!
2 - Project Title: Add a project title

3 - Attachments: Attachments such as pictures, documents  and presentations allow you to provide proof of your work and skills

project title and description

Add Category & Description

Category: The category is the field of study that your entry is related to.  Categorizing your Project helps employers, instructors, and peers find it when searching or when using the Discover tab
Description: The description is where you explain what your Project is all about.  A good description can help your work stand out

add categories and description

Add Skills, Teammates & Tags

1 - Skills: Your Skills translate to Clickable Credentials, which allow employers and other users to literally click into the Skills you've listed on your Portfolium and access actual proof of your keywords
2 - Teammates: Collaborators, group mates and friends that you worked on a Project with are called Teammates on Portfolium. If you work on a Project with someone, you can tag them in your entry
3 - Tags: Tags are a great way to associate your Project with topics on Portfolium. Add hashtags as keywords to describe portfolio entries. Include key words that make your entries searchable

add skills, teammates and tags