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ePortfolio: Portfolium (Folio): Overview

This guide will walk you through building a Portfolium eportfolio.  In MyCanvas, the Portfolium tool is called Folio. Folio is accessed from the account menu in the global navigation bar.

What is an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is a digital collection of a student's course and employment related achievements and work. It is similar to an online resume, but it is more personalized and flexible.  Students can add examples of academic work and workplace experiences in almost any format, including essay, video, audio, and graphics.

What is Portfolium?

Porfolium logo​Portfolium is a free digital portfolio tool used to visually showcase academic and professional accomplishments and experiences. It is also a unique personal branding tool, which integrates a professional profile with social media and job-seeking features. 


Features include:

  • Free access for life
  • Searchable by employers
  • Seamless syncing with tools you already use
  • No limits or size access
  • A network of millions of users

Portfolium (1-minute video)

What should I include in my ePortfolio?

The documents you add to your ePortfolio should demonstrate your skills, competencies and job related experience. Through your academics, job and volunteer experience, you should have a wide range of documents that will demonstrate your skills. The following are examples of documents you can include: 

Writing Samples

  • Papers and essays 
  • Research projects 
  • Journal/blog entries 

Technical Writing Examples

  • Technical Reports
  • Spreadsheet and database projects
  • Graphs, tables, timelines, concept diagrams
  • Presentations - slide decks, posters

Multimedia Projects

  • Video and audio clips
  • Photographs, artwork
  • Graphic design projects

Collaborative Work

  • Group projects
  • Examples of problem solving

Work Experience

  • Co-op and work experience
  • Community service work
  • Examples of technology-related skills
  • Letters of recommendation from employers

Professional Development 

  • Public speaking examples
  • Leadership experience, qualities, and examples
  • Volunteer work


  • Academic awards and honors
  • Memberships in professional organizations
  • Certifications


Porfolium Mobile App

portfolium ios appDownload the iOS Portfolium app. Build your online identity and promote your academic, professional and extracurricular work. Now you can capture and upload entries and photos in real-time directly from your phone!

The Portfolium App allows you to present your e-portfolio to employers in-person at interviews and career fairs.

Android app is coming soon!

Review the links below for more information on using the app.