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Chromebook Quick Start: Troubleshooting


On-screen Keyboard Always On

Most likely the on-screen keyboard accessibility feature is turned ON. To disable:

Select the user icon in the lower right.
Select the "Accessibility" option from the menu.
Select the "On-screen keyboard" option to toggle the keyboard off.

Unusual Keyboard Behavior

If the keyboard is set to "U.S. International keyboard" or another International keyboard, some keys such as the apostrophe key may type unexpected characters for users who normally use the "U.S. keyboard".

Change the keyboard to the "U.S. keyboard". You don't have to log in to the Chromebook to do this because the keyboard setting is one of the settings that appear in the Chromebook's bottom right menu.

Screen Zoom Issues

The two most common issues:

1. The screen resolution setting set to zoom -- Press Ctrl + Shift + 0 to reset.

2. Accessibility magnifier left ON -- Find the accessibility icon in the lower right (user account/Settings menu). Scroll through until you find the magnifier setting and disable it.

Screen stays black and the device is unresponsive

Plug the laptop into the charger and do a hard reset by holding down the power button for 20 seconds.