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Autodesk: Your Autodesk Account


Your Autodesk account is your key to accessing software from Autodesk; the account that you create now will be used throughout your time at Mohawk, and can even be used after you graduate. The process has been broken down into three steps:

  1. Create your Autodesk account
  2. Obtain your Autodesk Educational License (every year until you graduate)
  3. Download and install your Autodesk software

Create your Autodesk Account and Complete your Education Profile

Autodesk Education homepage

Autodesk "Create account" button

Follow the instructions, identify the "Country of your educational institution" as "Canada" and your "Educational role" as "Student". Then, provide your birth date information where prompted.
Personal information fields

Provide your first name, last name and your MOHAWK COLLEGE EMAIL ADDRESS.
Personal information fields

You will be sent a confirmation to your Mohawk College email address. Once the email is received, click "VERIFY EMAIL".

to your Mohawk Email

Autodesk "verify email" example

Upload Proof to Validate your Autodesk Education License

Note: All students are asked to verify their eligibility to access Autodesk products through a third-party verification provider, called SheerID, before they can access Autodesk products.

Autodesk "verify email" example

SheerID proof request window

If everything goes well, you will receive an email indicating that your eligibility has been verified. If you see this, you have successfully registered for an Educational license!

"Verification successful" email example