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LinkedIn Learning: Taking Courses

Watching a Course

Course Navigation

1. Contents: includes a table of contents with chapters and length of each video.

2. Overview: includes course details, learning objectives, release date and time required to watch all videos.

3. Q&A: some courses include the option of asking questions for experts or learners to answer.

4. Notebook: add your own notes with a bookmark at a specific time in the video.

5. Transcript: read the text while you watch the video.

6. Learning Groups: Located in Overview, engage with other learners, instructors, and subject matter experts on shared objectives.

7. Exercise files: Located in Overview, download course files on a desktop computer so that you can follow along.

8. Certificates: Located in Overview, view and download certificates offered from the course.

Taking a Course on a Mobile Device

Your courses will be synced between your computer and mobile device so you can:

  • start watching on one device
  • explore courses and save for later
  • download a course for offline viewing
  • listen to the course audio only, like a podcast

To download a course:

Download course on mobile

Video Player Controls

The video player has a number of options for customizing your viewing experience:

  1. Play/pause
  2. Go back 10 seconds
  3. Adjust speed control for content that requires reviewing in-depth step
  4. Turn on closed captioning
  5. View full screen

Video control options

Keeping Track of Courses

Keep track of your courses using the progress menu. To view your course, click See all:

See all courses

Your course status menu includes in progress, saved, recommendations from your organization, your learning history and skills.

Course progress

To save a course or chapter within a course, choose the bookmark icon.

Using Learning Paths

Learning paths are curated lists of courses that guide you through an in-depth topic. To find a learning path, search under topics or filter by learning paths.

Learning paths