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LinkedIn Learning: First Time User Login

Personalize Your Learning Experience

The first time you access LinkedIn Learning, you can personalize your learning by choosing categories and setting a weekly goal. Don't worry if you can't decide, you can change your options later.

LinkedIn Learning Welcome

Making Time for Learning

It can be difficult to find time to pursue learning outside of school or work. Integrate learning into your life by:

  • Setting learning goals
  • Identify the skills required for your industry
  • Block calendar time (just 30 minutes per week)
  • Look for 2-3 minutes videos when you are stuck with software problems. For example, quickly learn to format margins.

Choose Your Categories

Choose your learning based on categories or skills.

Choose Your Learning Categories

Set Weekly Learning Goals

If you set learning goals, you will receive reminders to complete watching courses that you have in progress. Track your progress via the progress bar on your home page.

Set a Weekly Learning Goal