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Recreation Therapy

What is a Research Poster?

Research posters or academic posters summarize information concisely to publicize research and generate discussion. Your poster should be a visual aid to a story you tell about your research.

A typical poster contains the same information as a research paper, but modified for viewing quickly. A poster will have:

  • less text
  • shorter sentences, more use of bullets
  • visual aids such as images, icons or charts
  • references (even if it's a small font)

Poster Planning Worksheet

Font Choices

Font Styles

  • Use no more than 2-3 fonts for your poster. 
  • Titles can be one font and the body text another font.
  • San serif fonts are easier to read than serif fonts but choose fonts that match your audience and content. 
  • Your poster should be easy to read from 6 feet away.