Research Assignment Design

Designing effective, authentic assignments can be tough and time consuming. Consider collaborating with your Liaison Librarian to incorporate high quality library resources in an approach that teaches information literacy and library research skills. 

Your Liaison Librarian can:

  • Review your assignment idea and ensure that the Library collection can support the topic(s) and information requirements
  • Suggest alternative, comparable topics better supported by the collection
  • Work with you to incorporate a Library instruction session in your course to prepare students with search strategies to successfully attack the assignment
  • Discuss plagiarism and citation format with students as appropriate

In order to provide the best service to your students:

  • Library Information Services staff will be better prepared to assist your students with research if they are familiar with the assignment. Please consider sharing a copy of your research assignment with your Liaison Librarian.  
  • If you anticipate high student demand for particular resources because of an assignment, please consider putting those resources on Reserve (short term loan or in house use only) to ensure access by all.