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Laptops & Chromebooks

Laptops & Chromebooks are available at all library TECH BAR locations. Laptops are available for loan for 4 hours once per day. Chromebooks check out for 6 hours at a time, renewable once per day based on availability. If you need to borrow a laptop for a longer period, contact the IT Service Desk and ask about their laptop loan service.

All laptops are equipped with Microsoft Office. Chromebooks use cloud-based technology allowing access to Microsoft Office through your Office365 account.

  Borrowing Requirements

In order to borrow laptops/Chromebooks, you must:

  • be a current Mohawk Student
  • complete a Technology Loan Agreement form once per academic year
  • show staff a valid Mohawk ONE Card

 Borrowing Policy

  • Equipment loans are for academic purposes only
  • Loan duration for laptops: 4 hours or 30 minutes before the library closes - whichever comes first
  • Loan duration for Chromebooks: 6 hours or 30 minutes before the library closes - whichever comes first
  • Laptops & Chromebooks must remain on campus
  • Laptops & Chromebooks should not be left unattended
  • If there is a fire alarm, take the laptop or Chromebook out of the building with you

 Returning Items

All items must be returned on time to a library TECH BAR. If the TECH BAR is closed, items can be returned to the Customer Service Desk in the library. Wait for a staff member to check in your item. Do not leave it on the counter unattended.

 Fines & Replacement Costs

Fines for late returns are $5.00 per hour. Once your fines reach $10.00, a Library hold will be placed on your access to library and college services. Until the hold is resolved, you will not be able to register for courses, receive your grades or borrow library material.

You are responsible for any equipment lost, damaged or stolen. Damage charges will be assessed based on the actual repair costs if the laptop or Chromebook is returned damaged or incomplete. If the laptop or Chromebook is damaged beyond repair or you do not return it, you will be charged the full replacement cost.