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Borrow Equipment 

Students can reserve equipment for use in the Digital Creativity Centre. You must reserve a Project Room in order to borrow equipment.

 Equipment Booking Policy

Please review the Equipment Booking Policy to understand your responsibilities when borrowing library media equipment.

  • Equipment Use: Most of the equipment is restricted to use within the Digital Creativity Centre space.
  • Loan Periods: The maximum loan period is 1 hour for AR/VR headsets and 2 hours for all other equipment. The media studios require setup time at the start of your booking. If you are working on a media project that requires more than two hours, please contact the Digital Creativity Centre. It is recommended that students do not use the AR/VR headset for more than 30 minutes at a time.
  • Liability: The user who checks out the equipment is solely responsible for its safe return in good condition and will be held financially liable for theft, loss, or damage. Check in with staff before leaving a media studio so that they can verify that the equipment was left in good condition and that no accessories are missing.
  • Borrower’s Requirements: Only students who present a valid ONE card (MohawkID) are eligible to borrow equipment. In addition, students must have a library account in good standing (less than $10 in fines).
student using arvr headset
student using video camera