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Information You Need

To write a citation for a webpage on a website you will need the following pieces of information:

Note: Do not create in-text citations or references when referring to a whole website. See link below for further information.

Anatomy of a website citation

In callouts: Author, Date, Title, Pub info. Citation example: W3C Web Accessibility Initiative. (2020). Web content accessibility guidelines overview.


Narrative In-text

Author (Date)
Giovanetti (2019)


(Author, Date)
(Giovanetti, 2019) 

Author. (Date). Title of web document. Site Name. URL

Giovanetti, F. (2019, November 16). Why we are so obsessed with personality types. Medium.

Websites - More Author & Date Examples

APA Publication Manual, Seventh Edition - Webpage references are covered in Section 10.1