Bike Loans

The Sustainability Office has partnered with the Library to offer bike loans to Mohawk College students and staff. Frame sizes vary from 15 inches to 17 inches. Visit the Customer Service Desk in the Cummings Library to borrow a bike and helmet with your ONE Card.

Bike Loan Procedures

Borrowing a Bike

  • Present your ONE Card at the Customer Service Desk
  • Fill out a one-time Bike Loan Agreement Form 
  • Choose a bike to borrow
  • Choose a helmet to borrow if you do not have one of your own
  • Library staff will issue you an Access Card to enter the bike storage area and a key to unlock the bike

Picking up a Bike

  • Bikes are located in an outside storage area in the B Wing, adjacent to the P2 Parking Lot
  • Use the Access Card to open the bike cage
  • Use the key to unlock the bike

Returning a Bike

  • Return the bike to the storage area and ensure that it is locked
  • Return Access Card, key and bike helmet (if applicable) to the Customer Service Desk
  • Library staff will ask you to complete a Bike Return Checklist Form 

Bike Loan Policy

  • Loan duration is 3 days
  • You can renew a bike once, for a maximum of 6 days
  • After returning a bike, you must wait 24 hours before borrowing again
  • Late fees are $1 per day up to a max of $150
  • You must wear a helmet – use your own or borrow one from us!

Types of Bikes for Loan

Bike Storage Area B Wing

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